Scheltema Trailer is a Canadian owned family company based out of Woodstock, Ontario. Established in 1977, Scheltema Trailers have successfully achieved annually the esteemed status in being one of the premier Canadian Trailer manufacturers. Since the mid-seventies, Scheltema Trailer has and continues to manufacture “Quality” Custom Built Trailers for the Heavy Haul Transportation Industry. In specific Scheltema Trailer specializes in semi-trailers, which include, on & off Highway Hydraulic Detachable, Flat Deck trailers, and Steerable and/or custom heavy-haul transporters. This includes and is not just limited to the, Agricultural, Bridge, Demolition, Road Construction Industries, Machinery Movers, Military, Mining, Oil Field, and the Construction and Power Generation Industries, to name a few. These are the types of industries that we are pleased to have served over the past 40 plus years of being in the business. This company prides itself on the engineering capabilities of its highly revered team of engineers, known for their many years of experience and innovation. Scheltema Trailer is pleased to manufacture a variety of trailers to our clients ranging from all across Canada, the USA and for “Export” to other countries around the world. Scheltema Trailer’s success stems from customer satisfaction and on the many years of extensive experience providing “Custom Built Trailers” for the Heavy Haul Industry. In addition, Scheltema specializes in the heavy-haul trailer segment serving the 50-ton + market to which, builds trailers with hauling capacities up to 200 tons. Scheltema Trailer builds a fleet of specialty heavy haul trailers for the purpose of mobile power substations. These mobile power substations serve the power utility industry across North and South America.

Scheltema Trailer
Currently, Scheltema Trailer situates itself in a 180,000 square foot facility in in Woodstock, Ontario. Our fully outfitted facility maintains consistently high standard of manufacturing quality. We take pride in manufacturing a high quality and robust product that is sure to exceed our customers’ expectations. Scheltema Trailer also uniquely approaches the heavy-haul industry by serving the 50-ton+ market by custom designing trailers with capacities up to 200 tons.

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