Scheltema Trailer’s highly skilled engineering team is continuously striving to exceed the industry standards through innovation and design.  In order to exceed our customer’s expectations and uphold their specific requirements for their custom trailers, Scheltema Trailer works with their customers to design and manufacture their trailers from the beginning of production until the end. No job is too big or small for Scheltema Trailer.


Scheltema Trailer’s Beam Deck is constructed of two main I-Beams, which are manufactured from T-1 steel and several inside crossmembers. It is designed for a machine’s undercarriage to rest or to be blocked on the main beams. This loading method minimizes the overall height giving you maximum versatility and to eliminate any height limitations you may have.

Scheltema Trailer Steering Dolly’s provide service to the infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing markets throughout North America. By way of our Steering Dolly series, we can adequately accommodate for long and overweight loads, such as, bridge girders, trusses and structural steel, as well as poles and pilings. Our design offers versatility to tailor to your upcoming move, providing the most effective transportation configuration available.

Scheltema Trailer’s series of trailers are designed specifically for the mining industry. The series of trailers include both detachable gooseneck and fixed gooseneck trailers with capacities ranging from 75-tons to over 200-tons. These trailers are mainly designed for off-road use, providing global mining companies a solution when transporting extremely heavy duty equipment. Scheltema Trailer can also design trailers from the ground up in order to meet customers specific requirements. No job is too big or small for Scheltema Trailer.


Scheltema Trailer as a company is dependable and exceeds any standard of product quality. By way of its highly experience staff, a combined 100 years of professional design and manufacturing experience in our team of engineers, fabricators, and management, Scheltema Trailer consistently strives to produce reliable  custom quality products. Scheltema Trailer is a family company, and in saying so, our team of employees are a reflection of what we stand for but in their work; reliability and dependability on the quality of our products. Our team delivers high end manufacturing techniques and a full manufacturing facility capable of CNC, flame cutting, machining, shearing, forming operations.

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