Scheltema Trailer offers a variety of Lowboy trailers with carrying capacities from 40-80 ton matched to handle the special requirements of the heavy-haul and commercial industry. Scheltema Trailer’s designs are the result of 40+ years of experience in the trailer industry. We design and fabricate our trailer stronger, smarter, and more reliable than anyone in the industry. We deliver the longest lasting trailer on the market. Whichever trailer you choose, you can count on Scheltema standing behind its consistent quality of product.


Gooseneck includes:

  • Hydraulic detachable cantilever, non-ground bearing.
  • Hydraulic Stinger to support gooseneck.
  • Wet Line operation.
  • Single king pin location.
  • 51″ Fifth Wheel height.
  • Air operated column.
  • Air operated deck locking pin.
  • Constructed from 100,000 P.S.I. yield (T-1) steel.
  • Sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted.

Available Options:

  • Various King Pin Heights (48”- 54”).
  • Double King Pin Variations (94”-120”).
  • Power Pack or both Power Pack and Wet Line.
  • Swing out Lights.
  • Bolt on Fenders.
  • Weld on Fenders.
  • Extension Lugs.
  • Gooseneck extension.
  • Hydraulic operated column.
  • Hydraulic operated deck locking pin.
  • Column: Lights, Chain Bar and Doors.

Deck includes:

  • 24′ long x 8′- 6″ wide Level Deck.
  • 2″ Solid Oak floor on outside.
  • Expanded Metal in center.
  • All main rails and side sills constructed from 100,000 P.S.I. yield (T-1) steel.
  • Approach Ramps come with grosser bars extended slope.
  • Extension Brackets 12” wide swinging type (T-1) steel.
  • Flag holders.
  • Lashing rings.
  • Sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted.

Available Options:

  • Deck Type: Level or Drop Side.
  • Deck Width: 8’6 – 10’.
  • Deck Length: 24’ – 28’.
  • Approach Ramps: Low, Level or  Level with Extension.
  • Deck Center open with Mesh or Wood.
  • Deck Tool Boxes (1-2)
  • Boom Plate (2-4 Crossmembers)
  • D-Rings: Flat, Bent or Stake Pocket.
  • Deck inserts: 5ft, 10ft.

Rear Bridge includes:

  • Fixed with low boom trough.
  • Open style bolsters.
  • 55″ Axle spreads. (Depending on territory)
  • Constructed from 100,000 P.S.I. yield (T-1) steel.
  • Truck-Lite LED system.
  • Flag holders.
  • Tires: 275/70R 22.5.
  • Wheels: 22.5 x 8.25, Steel wheels inside and outside.
  • Brakes: Drum.
  • Axle:  25,000 lbs. capacity each.
  • Suspension: Hendrickson Turner or Ridewell, 25,000 lbs. capacity.
  • Sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted.

Additional Options:

  • Axle Spread (55”-75”)
  • Axle Configuration: 2,3 or 4 axles
  • Width: 8’6 – 10’
  • Axle Lift.
  • Deck Connection: Removable.
  • Lighting: Strobe (On/Off Switch, Battery)
  • Pin on Axle: 3rd, 4th or 5th.
  • Pin On: Shimable or Flip Lugs.
  • D-Sign/D-Sign Brackets.
  • Override Ride Height Control.
  • Swing out/pull out lights.
  • Aluminum wheels.
  • Disc or ABS braking system.
  • Booster/Stinger available


Scheltema Trailer as a company is dependable and exceeds any standard of product quality. By way of its highly experience staff, a combined 100 years of professional design and manufacturing experience in our team of engineers, fabricators, and management, Scheltema Trailer consistently strives to produce reliable  custom quality products. Scheltema Trailer is a family company, and in saying so, our team of employees are a reflection of what we stand for but in their work; reliability and dependability on the quality of our products. Our team delivers high end manufacturing techniques and a full manufacturing facility capable of CNC, flame cutting, machining, shearing, forming operations.

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